He was courtly and sent flowers and was an excellent kisser. Though his murder immediately made headlines, it was Kimberly Peirces film dramatization Boys Dont Cry in 1999 that made Brandons story familiar to millions of Americansand won Hilary Swank an Oscar for her moving portrayal of him. Think all the burgers and pizzas washed down with soda. GOD bless the victims. Thanks for helping with Find a Grave! Jones writes that Nissen lived in a small and filthy house with ketchup stained furniture, practically a shotgun shack. These girls are convinced that no harm will come to the man in their life so long as they together with him, and in some cases, little girls are right and they know what they are doing, but Lana was not a little girl, she was 18 and different rules may apply to her. Well, 71 IS relatively (operative word) young given that average age of death of males is approaching 85 today (and has not been been 70-odd for several decades). Tisdel was not present at the time of the murder, as it took place inside Lambert's home in Humboldt, Nebraska, a 30-minute drive away from Falls City, where Tisdel lived with her mother and sister. Average age of death for American police officers is 57. What Nissen and Lotter did, was to take Teena on the night ride into the winter fields and drive around the muddy roads until they got to a location where they raped her. Lana M Bachman of Centralia, Kansas was involved in a crash on Saturday, August 29th 2020 at 10:44 pm in Brown County, Kansas. Lana Tisdels father, Leland Tisdel, listed his employment as a farm laborer, and himself lived in a tiny shack, but he owned several larger homes in Falls City. He is now awaiting execution in Tecumseh alongside with Nikko Jenkins, Anthony Garcia and 7 . Why was he telling Lana he had both female and male body parts when apparently he didnt or did he? What a weird coincidence if it is. She told the police that she was making an arrangement to place Teena into a shelter for raped and battered women and that a shelter staff told her that they knew Tom Nissen, because they had Tom Nissens rape victims in the shelter. Josh Bachman is a lawyer, if I am not mistaken. They then drove to the house of Lisa Lambert, where Brandon had been hiding out. C: You don't knowDid, when he got in the back seat you were already spread out back there ready for him, waiting on him. Although Tisdel did not seem terribly disturbed to learn the truth, her friends and family were angry and began harassing Teena. Lanas father was Leland Tisdel (1936-2007) died at 71 years young. If Lisa is an Outsider, than Lana must be on the inside, but on the inside of what? "I fell in love with her," she says. But everything started falling apart on December 19, 1993. Not bad for a farm laborer. There is also a statement that Teena Brandon made to police, where she claimed that they (friends of Nissen and Lotter) where watching the building and that she did not go inside. Teena Brandon blew into town wearing a jacket with a stylized patch on her back from a power utility that made her look like a gang member. This is social status in criminal underworld. Today, she maintains a presence on the internet, but she uses her married name, Lana Bachman, and probably isnt looking to satisfy curiosity seekers. L.L. Lana Tisdale, Teena's lover, who is portrayed in "Boys Don't Cry" by Chloe . Had this been New York City, where suing the municipality is like hitting the jackpot and everyone sues, once you utter the magic words I revoke the bail, a warrant squad will arrive and take your long lost cousin away in handcuffs, lest your long lost cousin you are helping out of the goodness of your heart turn out to be a sex fiend or a drug addict who is corrupting your kids when you are not looking. I am not going to say anything about Lana, because I know little about her. Teena Brandon spends the next two weeks finding out where Lana lives and just goes inside Lindas house and says hello to her. In the Hollywood movie, she came off as a sympathetic character who was kind to Brandon (and she had a job). Same court documents claim that Nissen and Lotter found out after police interviewed them about the rape. Lana Tisdel. Oh absolutely! he responded. Aphrodite Jones reports it wrong. If you follow everything that was said, you will see, that Linda Gutierrez had ties with the Lotter family and was sheltering a wanted person as a favor to them. She puts pressure on DeVine to get involved in some way and to put pressure on Teena to drop charges. At the time, she was seriously underweight . This coming from a rapist is an obvious red flag. How sad hope she recovers! To make a long story short, I believe that Teena Brandon wanted to be an outlaw in the real world and that she tried joining a company of real world criminals. DeVine calls his mother in Denver and tells this story to her, it is not clear what they wanted him to do, but it scares him. Thanks so much for writing in with your perspective. C: [Y]ou were all half-ass drunk.I can't believe that if he pulled your pants down and you are a female that he didn't stick his hand in you or his finger in you. Nissen was a felon out on parole, he had no business posting bail packages using other peoples property. Well, Houser laughed, these aren't exactly offices of high reward!, He joked that Falls City is a few miles from the ends of the earth, but assured me that he and his compatriots are a lot more evolved than you might expect. Many law enforcement officials at the time thought Laux's behavior was appalling, he said. In August 2020, Lana suffered a new tragedy when her Ford pickup crossed a center line and fatally injured Chrysler minivan driver Glenn D. Aston in a head-on crash in Fairview, Kansas. Marcus, I agree about average age, but thats for the comfortable middle class. I dont think that Linda Gutierrez, Lana Tisdels mother, was a lax and ignorant drunk. Worse yet, she gave them the location, where Teena was hiding out, but it wasnt her who was looking for Teena from December 28, when they found out that Teena reported the rape, until the night she was murdered. A year before Boys Dont Cry, Tisdel herself had appeared in the documentary The Brandon Teena Story, and she seemed like a sympathetic character there, too. That makes it easier to get fat. Lana Tisdel has a very close and a very positive relationship with her daughter, probably amazingly so. I found it in Falls City. [T]he girls that don't know about you, thinks [sic] you are a guy. Hi, Linda. Struggle to survive. The crash happened here: U75 at milepost 210.8, .20 of a mile South of 190th Rd. So much so, that American ER staff speak to every female assault victim to see of she was also raped. People thought that she didnt stop it. You know, you people are a pain in the ass! he yelled, upon hearing why I was calling, and hung up. I just updated the blog post with the information. Also in the house was Phillip DeVine, a friend of theirs who was dating Tisdel's sister Leslie. Then there is the fact that Teena was not a boyfriend or older brother to Lana, much as certain segments of LGBT would like to believe in Brandon. I wish I could have finished it though but I figured you were getting ready to let the transphobia start flying. Brandon Teena (L) and his girlfriend Lisa Tisdel. Kimberly Peirce's Boys Don't Cry is one of the eeriest, most deeply tragic films of recent years. The bodies were discovered the next day by Lambert's mother, Anna Mae.[4][5]. A violent criminal like Nissen is scared of a 57 year old man, a farm hand, who lives in a tiny little house? Tom Nissen had an older brother who was a biker. Unwitting accomplice. I still dont like to talk about 9/11, too soon. Seems like were catching-up in UK. Boys Dont Cry was almost entirely based on Kim Peirces collaboration with Lana. I wondered if the stain of Lauxs legacy still lingered in Falls City's Sheriff's Office, or if they'd made procedural efforts to improve their dealings with LGBT populations. Brandon Teena was born Teena Renae Brandon, and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska - smack dab in the middle of the Bible Belt. Falls City PD were willing to arrest Nissen and Lotter for the beating that they subjected Teena after the Christmas party at Tom Nissens house, but Teena repeatedly refused to place charges. As the film nears its 20th anniversary- just one year shy of the oldest Brandon will ever be- I decided it was now or never, if I was ever going to sit down and pick the . And there is more. After Teena was assaulted at the Christmas party, she went with Lana to the lobby of a local big hotel practically across the street from Nissens house. The States doesnt do well for longevity compared with Europe and Asia obesity being the big (if youll pardon the pun) killer (dementias up there too, but its no nearly so clearly linked with obesity). Incidentally, Tom Nissen is the one who brings Teena Brandon to The Oasis around Tanksgiving 1993 and introduces her to the locals, including John Lotter and Lana Tisdel. If you aint one of them? She was portrayed in the film by Chlo Sevigny, who was nominated for an Academy Award for her performance. Who here believes Lana Tisdel and her mother are the reasons for Brandon's death? It really happened. Shortly after the movies came out, Lana and her mother appeared on A Current Affair and The Maury Povich Show. Two people that they were friends with during this time were John Lotter and Tom Nissen. If you aint one of them? And thats what they did. Lambert's son Tanner was in the house at the time and was unharmed. Lana Tisdel is an American woman whose early life and involvement with the 1993 murder of Brandon Teena was chronicled in the 1998 documentary The Brandon Teena Story and the 1999 film Boys Don't Cry.She was portrayed in the film by Chlo Sevigny, who was nominated for an Academy Award for her performance as Tisdel.. B: No, I was sitting up when he got back there. I was not required to agree with BBs views in any way. As I mentioned, my own time in the military made me aware that such work appears to shorten life; but in the US, at least, law enforcement is worse still. If I find those notes, I will post the link here. Based on the killing of transsexual Brandon Teena/Teena Renae Brandon in 1992, the film is a double portrait of sympathy and misanthropy; Brandon and her lover find a fragile peace with the truth of who they both are - and two young men . The fact that Nissen and Lotter promised to kill her if she talked and Teena believed it, leads me to believe that there was nexus to some kind of an organized criminal structure, the fact that to this day nobody wants to talk about this, only reinforces it. Lana Tisdel (dated Brandon) talking about what happened the night at the Christmas party at Tom Nissen's. Credit: the Brandon Teena Story (This account is for information only and a tribute account. Tom Nissen was so scared, that he didnt go to the bar with the rest of his guests, until his biker brother arrived and they went in together, lest that biker see Tom and beat him up. Why didnt Teena stay with Lisa, helped her raise an infant, and maybe find a job pumping gas in Humboldt, NE, just a 15 minute walk from Lisas house? Dont go. She SLEPT with my best friend (Lana)!!! Only a 21 year old can sign the property away. (She hitched up with a guy from her hometown of Falls City on Dec. 6, 2001, according to Douglas County records.). In 2007, he recanted his original testimony and now admits he murdered the three victims with Lotter as his accomplice. Later on I heard something to the effect that Leland Tisdel owned FOUR properties in Falls City. What can the old man do to him? He was scared of getting into trouble with Leland Tisdel, Lanas father. A law enforcement career in America offers benefits equivalent to Scandinavian socialism, except for six week vacations with pay. Fans will likely remember her from her early role as Lana Tisdel in "Boys Don't Cry," a film based on the harrowing true story of Brandon Teena. I wish that I and all my friends live into the 80s. She welcomed Teena, whether as a lover or to share in economic hardship is irrelevant. When Teena was calling anyone and everyone to get out of Falls City, it was Lisa Lambert, who called Falls City Police. Brandon Teena, left, with Lana Tisdel in an undated photo (Associated Press) Twenty years ago in a little Nebraskan town called Falls City, a handsome 21-year-old transman with . This means that Teena really was set up. She has become more striking with maturity. Also, basic law-enforcement training is an intense 16 weeks at the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center in Grand Island, where the curriculum includes a viewing and discussion of the The Brandon Teena Story and staged sexual-assault and domestic-violence scenarios between straight and gay couples. According to her, Philip DeVine meets Leslie Mayfield (Lanas Half Sister) at Job Corps and comes with her to Falls City for the holidays. If 57 is the average for police officers, that awful and frightening! twas it relations gone fizzle? So there wasnt a bondsman involved I take it. [3], On December 19, 1993, Brandon Teena was arrested for forging checks, and put in jail for several days. Lisa Lambert is one adult and a real heroine in this whole mess. Only ones unemployed were Brandon and Nissen. But that he could use some LGBT-awareness training is clear: He referred to Brandon as she, called being transgender a lifestyle, and suggested discrimination towards gay people was non-existent in Falls City. Im surprised they recruit! PFLAG was happy to help out when I explained the idea. Her name was Lana Tisdel, and to Brandon she was Madge Owens in "Picnic." 8. If there was strong evidence of witness intimidation or reprisal as there was in this case, Houser explained, we would link up with Project Response and that person would be put in a safe house, given a cell phone that can only dial 911 and their personal phone would be taken away from them so their perpetrators can't track them down., A rape, he continued, especially one involving kidnapping, physical assault and death threats was as rare then as it is today. That commonality brought them close together, and Nissen drove Teena around to her Court hearings, etc. How else could Tom and John have founded Brandon at Lisa? Sevigny is also highly recognizable from her . When I recently spoke with Peirce, she noted a level of provocation and pleasure [that Laux derived] out of making Brandon relive his own torture.. Girls used to work in ice cream shops and convenience stores, while John Lotters common law wife babysat for Tom Nissens wife. The person who allegedly molested Teena (can of worms I dont want to open) allegedly 8 years older than Teena and supposedly died early from drug and alcohol fueled lifestyle. Do you kiss them? Lotter & Nissan told Brandon that if he went to the police about the rape that they wound silence him permanently. The big question is whether Lana can be blamed for leaving Teena in the company of her rapists, who had just got done humiliating her at a social gathering. Including Lana, Linda Gutierres left four children behind. Nissen afraid? Of course, those in the lower socioeconomic deciles are more likely not to make the average. Brandon was born December 12 , 1972, in Lincoln, Nebraska. Both young men had criminal records, and Teena had been staying with Nissen. The men responsible for those lost livesJohn Lotter and Tom Nissenare still sitting on death row today. By his late teens, he had moved to the Falls City region of Richardson County, Nebraska, and started to identify and live as a . Soon Ill have anybody I want, and Ill give them the love that I have. Another noteworthy moment in the Brandon Teena story is Linda Gutierrez showing classic signs of lying on camera. A series of bad decisions were made by the guy at the top and that won't be me if something like this happens again. Teena implores, but Lana abandons her. Peirce also did not name Hillary Swank character as Brandon or Teena, and Teena Brandons family got no money whatsoever from Boys Dont Cry. After Kim left her behind, Lana sued, claiming that the film misrepresented her as a jobless skank. This claim was true. Another point of divergence is how Lotter and Nissen found out that Teena talked to police about the rape. It should be around $30 USD, but it might be on VHS. Lana M. Tisdel is an American woman whose early life and involvement with the December 1993 murders of Brandon Teena, Lisa Lambert and Phillip DeVine, at the hands of John Lotter and Tom Nissen, is ch read more. They took the rape kit and they interviewed all parties involved. "She said she . you are really hot baby If that coverage was made public, particularly men with whom Teenas mother associated, then Teenas life choices would seem a lot more clearer, but becoming a real world gang member is not what most people see as a worthy masculine lifestyle. Until next time, cheers. What he fails to tell us is that while they needed help, Teena did whatever it took to feed them and financially support them in Omaha, but once the damage took its effect and Teena started acting out, they kicked her back to her mothers trailer in Lincoln how dare she bring violence to their beautiful home in Omaha!

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